SLP To PHP Today Exchange Rate/Chart (May 2022) Coingecko slp to php

Coingecko SLP To PHP Today Exchange Rate/Chart: Cryptocurrency is gaining so much attention in the world and different countries are starting to adopt it. But today we are going to talk about a very special converter which is SLP to PHP converter. There are many people who want to know more about this and what is the main function of this converter.

Here in this article, we will discuss various about this converter and its current demand. Before that, we need to know about SLP and PHP. So let’s start without delay.

SLP To PHP TODAY – coingecko slp to php

Like Draco on MIR4, players can earn SLP (Smooth Love Potion) on Axie Infinity. It’s been more than three years since its launch but Axis Infinity has shown no signs of abating. The reason it is growing in popularity every day is that it allows users to earn Ethereum based cryptocurrency AXS and SLP and if you also want to earn SLP and convert it to PHP, INR, or USD then you must join us. We will cover you through this post.

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SLP To PHP Today Exchange Rate/Chart (March 2022)
SLP To PHP Today Exchange Rate/Chart (May 2022)

In addition to converting SLP to PHP in crypto exchanges such as Binance, Axie Infinity players can use it to breed their digital pets called Axis. For the uninitiated, SLP can be monetized at Axis Infinity one way or another if you do not know what these methods are and how they work. Then you must read this post till the end.

What is SLP (Smooth Love Potion)? SLP To PHP – coingecko slp to php

SLP is a gaming token acquired in the Axie Infinity game. Axie Infinity players can earn a Smooth Profit (SLP) token by fighting or exploring the world. To achieve SLP on Axie Infinity, you must complete daily quests or participate in battle or adventure in the game.

Once you submit enough SLP to Axie Infinity, players can use it to reproduce Axies. For the unchanged, the maximum number of Axies reproduced in the game is 7. Once you have exceeded the specified number, you will need to extract additional SLP.

Significantly, the price of SLP varies depending on supply and demand. The highest price SLP has ever reached is $0.4, which happened in July 2021.

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The biggest reason behind the growing popularity of Axie Infinity is that it allows users to earn SLP, which can then be exchanged on crypto exchanges like Binance. If you love to play games and want to encash your skills, then I suggest you play Axie Infinity because nowadays many players have made a lot of money playing this game.

What Is the Philippine Peso (PHP)? – coingecko slp to php

The Philippine Peso, abbreviated as PHP in the Forex (Forex) market, is the national currency of the Republic of the Philippines. The peso is known as “peso” in Filipino and Tagalog languages.

The Philippine peso is made of 100 cents or “centimos” and is often represented by the ₱ symbol.

The Philippine peso has the currency abbreviation PHP and goes by the symbol. The value of the Philippine peso has ranged from beneath 48 pesos to at least one U.S. buck to 53.89 pesos to at least one greenback. Philippine pesos currently flow into banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 pesos.

How to Earn SLP In Axie Infinity? – coingecko slp to php

How to Earn SLP In Axie Infinity?
How to Earn SLP In Axie Infinity?

If you want to get SLP in Axis Infinity but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, we are covering you. In this post, I will explain to you all the possible ways to convert SLP and PHP, and other currencies. Stay connected with us till the end.

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1. Complete Daily Quests –coingecko slp to php

The first and easiest way to earn SLP at Axie Infinity is to complete daily searches. Once you successfully complete a daily search, you will be rewarded with 25 SLPs.

2. Battle in Arena (PvP) – coingecko slp to php

In addition to completing daily searches, you can earn SLP by playing the PvP mode game. In PvP mode matches you have to fight other players based on your ranking. Each arena match will cost you energy and will pay a certain amount of SLP once completed. The amount of SLP you get in a PvP match will depend entirely on your MMR.

3. Battle in the Adventure Mode (PvE)

Unlike PvP mode, PvE is a single-player mode. The most number of SLP that may be earned by means of playing fits within the Adventure Mode is 50. The highest thing about this mode is it does no longer require particular numbers of energy to play in this mode. To earn SLP in Axie Infinity, I extremely counsel beating bosses in positive ranges.

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How to claim SLP from Axie Infinity to Ronin Wallet?

Once you complete the daily searches and get enough SLP to play a PVP or PVE match, you can claim by following the steps specified below.

  • Log in to your Axie Infinity account and connect your Ronin Wallet.
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Claim Tokens’ from the menu to see the number of SLP you have in your account.
  • Once done, click on ‘Claim SLP’ to transfer the SLP to your Ronin Wallet.
  • Head back to your Axie Infinity account dashboard and make sure your Ronin Wallet is connected.
  • Once connected, click on ‘Claim Tokens’ and then Claim SLP.
  • That’s it.

How to buy SLP on Binance? – coingecko slp to php

In addition to daily searches and match play in PVP or PvE mode, players can purchase SLP from Binance. Those who do not know how to buy SLP from Binance must follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Binance account and to to ‘Trade‘ option.
  • There, you will have to select either ‘Classic’ or ‘Advanced’ mode. Here, we will select ‘Classic’ mode.
  • Once done, type ‘SLP‘ on the search bar to see all SLP trading Pairs available on Binance.
  • Under the ‘Spot’ section, select the order type and enter the amount you want to buy.
  • Click on the ‘Buy SLP’ to place the order.
  • Once the order is placed, the selected SLP will get credited to your account.
  • That’s it.

How to earn the token?

Axis is the key to playing Axie Infinity, so they can be hard to earn. Although you have a few options for how to get these precious animals. One way is to win the battle and meet the daily quests where “play-to-earn” comes in their name. To start using this site now, make sure you have at least one axis in your account when signing up.

The total circulating supply of tokens is 3,081,678,585. A loose newbie will only be able to make about 50 SLP, which is not even enough for the entry price of some video games.

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How Much Philippine Peso (PHP) is 1 SLP Today (May 2022)?

As we mentioned above, the price of SLP varies on a daily basis. If you are here to know today’s SLP price and PHP 1 SLP then you are at the right place. If you convert 1 SLP to PHP today (May 2022), you will be paid 0.952610. Significantly, the rates we refer to here are calculated using the international currency exchange rate.

1 SLP token = ₱ 0.489121 Philippine peso (PHP)


Slp to php

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7-day price history of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to PHP

7-day price history of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to PHP
7-day price history of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to PHP
DateDay of the week1 SLP to PHP24hr ChangesChange %
February 25, 2022Friday₱0.967374-₱0.107604-10.0%
February 24, 2022Thursday₱1.075₱0.13826614.8%
February 23, 2022Wednesday₱0.936712-₱0.01019672-1.1%
February 22, 2022Tuesday₱0.946908-₱0.100568-9.6%
February 21, 2022Monday₱1.047-₱0.185352-15.0%
February 20, 2022Sunday₱1.23₱0.001694770.1%
February 19, 2022Saturday₱1.23₱0.008882490.7%
7-day price history of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to PHP

Convert Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to PHP – slp to php converter

Convert Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to PHP – slp to php converter

Convert Philippine Peso (PHP) to SLP

Convert Philippine Peso (PHP) to SLP

Where to Buy Smooth Love Potion (SLP)?

If you want to know the information related to the exchanges that help investors to buy Smooth Love Potion (SLP) then Binance, OKEx, FTX, By bit, and KuCoin are some exchanges that offer SLP for traders to purchase.

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slp to php today,slp price php today

Do you know how much the SLP price is today, if you don’t know then definitely read this post? We will tell you briefly about this converter which will include how you can use this converter. Platform SLP to PHP is a cash out of the way. You can sell SLP in PHP using Binance P2P.

You need to read the article at the end to know the complete steps and we will tell you about it briefly. SLP to PHP conversion rate today is ₱ 0.967374 and in the last 24 hours – ₱ 0.107604, down -10.0%. There are many people who use the platform to convert SLP to PHP. For the past few months.