SAMSUNG GALAXY A54 TRICKS, TIPS, AND SECRET FEATURES: With the help of a function named “Multi Window,” Samsung Galaxy devices can now multi-task simultaneously in two windows. Once enabled, you can run two programmes on the screen simultaneously. You will need to enable it first. You might use Chrome to surf the internet while using the YouTube app to view a video, for example.

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Choose Settings > Display from the menu and click the “Multi window” checkbox to activate the “Multi Window” feature.

Drag the app’s icon and drop it on the screen to launch it in multi-window mode. Both the top and bottom halves of the screen are available for dragging and dropping applications. In most cases, the two apps will need to be distinct from one another (for instance, Chrome and YouTube could both be open at the same time, but two Chrome instances couldn’t).

By holding down the back button on your smartphone for a long time after it has been enabled, you can use the “Multi Window” feature. With this, a docked application launcher will be displayed on the side of the screen. While it resembles the standard programmes list, it will only include the applications that “Multi Window” supports.

┬áThe “Multi Window” feature works with many well-known programmes, including Chrome, Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Messaging, YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp. However, there are some significant omissions as well, such as Instagram and the majority of game apps.


Tap this shortcut to see all the alerts you missed in the last few days. Simply tap the device to see a list of all your alarms if you miss an alarm. A notification history log is a feature that almost all Android devices have, but if yours is missing, download the “notification history log” software from the Google Play store and give it a try.

The applications list on your phone can get a little crowded after a few months of use. The majority of applications can be uninstalled in order to be removed from the apps list. However, not all programmes can be deleted; several system apps like Google and Samsung are inaccessible. With the “Hide Apps” function, you can conceal certain programmes. The apps won’t show up in your Applications list even though they will still be on your phone. You will only see the apps that you are interested in seeing instead.

By pressing the menu button while the applications menu is active, you can remove an app icon from your list of installed programmes. Choose “Hide applications” and check the boxes next to the applications you want to conceal. In the top right corner, click “Done” to finish.

The Programme Is Hidden On A Samsung Galaxy Handset.

Nothing is truly deleted from your phone when an application is hidden; this applies to all applications. These are some applications that you might want to conceal:

  • Email is preferable to Gmail. Most people will only use one of these apps; the other can be safely concealed to avoid confusion.
  • Google Preferences Many of these settings are already available through the “Settings” menu. To avoid setting duplicates, you can hide the icon.
  • Google+ Photos and Google+. If you don’t use Google+, you can safely hide the icons for both of these apps.
  • Pre-Installed by Samsung. Samsung adds various media purchasing icons to your device. Game Hub, More Services, Music Hub, Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub, S Suggest, and Video Hub are some of them. You can safely remove the icons from your applications list if you do not use Samsung’s services to purchase media content.

After hiding an icon, you can reveal it by selecting “Show hidden applications” from the menu button.

By selecting the “Easy Mode” home screen, you may make the interface on Samsung Galaxy devices easier to use if you’re a new smart phone user. The regular home screen will be replaced by a streamlined layout that provides rapid access to functions that are often used.

The condensed home screen offers speed dial shortcuts for dialing three chosen contacts (you can choose who e.g. close friends or family members). Additionally, you’ll get access to the alarm clock app and the most frequently modified settings.

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